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For those wanting something a little extra, we also offer the premium model, Saana. It comes with the same good quality, and a little bit more. The name Saana originates from a mountain popular for hikers by the lake Kilpisjärvi in Lappland, Finland. And just like the view from the top of the mountain, this premium model is meant to impress and amaze.   

Saana has the same comfortable mattress as Kindla, but it comes with a more massive wooden frame and an extra layer of bedsprings. It also has a thicker mattress and topper filled with natural latex-materials, making the bed a sustainable choice.

Saana is made from the same mindset as Kindla - to serve as a bed that fits most people. The quality and firmness is based on the experience from numerous hotel guests, making it a perfect fit for a wide range of personal preferences.


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