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A great option for all hotels, increases the traffic of people to the hotel!

Continental bed with extra ordinary comfort.

Our standard model is developed to suit a wide range of preferences. The era of testing model after model and discussing firmness and bounce is over. We have made everything easy for you. We believe Kindla is the ultimate bed for a good night’s sleep, which is why so many hotels have this particular bed in their rooms. And now you can have that comfortable and luxurious hotel feeling every day.

The name Kindla is taken from the Kindla nature reserve in the north of Örebro län in Sweden – an area of both hardwood and hundred year old coniferous forest. The reserve protects several endangered species of beetles and serves as home to many important types of mushrooms, moss and lichen.

Kindla is a nutritious, natural and harmonic nature reserve, which are words that are also fitting for our beds. Going to sleep in a Kindla bed will bring you harmony, which will result in a deep and natural sleep.

We have spent years gathering information and experiences from hotel guests, and we built Kindla based on that research. That’s why we are confident the bed will be perfect for you.


Remember to choose a headboard that you like!