Customer Story - Michaela Viken

Michaela found the bed of her dreams in Sweden

– When I found out it was possible to achieve that hotel experience at home, I jumped at the chance, says Michaela Viken pleased.


Wanted to hold on to that comfortable feeling


When Michaela spent a few nights in a hotel in Sweden last year, she was immediately blown away by the bed in her room. Even after she had left the hotel, she found herself thinking of the nice and comfortable bed from the hotel.


 – I ended up sending an e-mail to the hotel when I got back home, and asked where they bought their beds. When they told me the beds were from Hotel’ nHome, I contacted them directly to ask if it was possible for me to buy a bed from them. And luckily I could.


Good quality and nice design


Michaela has always taken pride in making the right and reasonable choices, and usually spends time finding products that’s perfect for her. But sometimes things just come together by themselves.

– Investing in a comfortable bed is important. A good night's sleep is crucial for our health, both physically and mentally. And I felt it the moment I laid down on the bed in the hotel that first night. It felt so nice and comfortable, and I knew instantly that this was a good quality bed. In addition, the design was really nice, which is always a plus.


Hotel’ nHome has two different models available for the private market, and Michaela chose the model, Kindla. And not before long, the bed was delivered to its new home in Norway.